My Dream Notes

People who note down their dreams are much more likely to achieve them. My Dream Notes is the first step to help you think about your dreams. Here you write everything about your dream.

You can even take pictures and attach it to your dream in My Dream Notes. Dream without a target date never becomes reality. So ensure that you set a feasible target date for your dreams to become a goal.

You can optionally reward yourself for achieving some of your dreams.

My Dream Notes and you together can help make your vision come to life.

Wish your dream comes true ! Happy Dreaming


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How to use My Dream Notes


My Dream Notes has a very easy to use interface. It simplicity is in the fact that you get everything in a single window without having to navigate from one window to another.

Here are some details which will help you get started with My Dream Notes.

How to Install My Dream Notes

  1. Goto the My Dream Notes page on the Mac App Store using the App Store Link in this page
  2. Install the App by clicking on the Install button.


How to Add a Dream to My Dream Notes

  1. Click on the “+” button at the bottom of the App
  2. Enter the details of your Dream on the new Dream Details page on the right
  3. Select an optional picture for your Dream
  4. You can choose to reward yourself for completing your dream.
  5. You can choose to add an optional picture of your Dream
  6. Set a Target Date
  7. Remember a Dream with a target date is a Goal

How to Edit a Dream in My Dream Notes

  1. Click on the Dream you wan to edit in the list
  2. Make the changes on the details page on the right
  3. It saves the changes automatically


How to Delete a Dream in My Dream Notes

  1. Select the Dream which you want to change from the Dream List
  2. Click on “-” button
  3. The Dream will be deleted.

Specification of My Dream Notes


License : Commercial license
Price : $ 0.99
Size : 705 KB

Get My Dream Notes

My Dream Notes is available on Apple’s Mac App Store. Click on the link below to open the App page in the Mac App Store.




Release Notes

Version 1.0 – 17-06-2015

  • First Release





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