Appnimi ZIP Password Locker

Appnimi ZIP Password Locker is an app for mac. It lets you to protect your zip file using a password. It is a single click application.

Recently there has been increase in hacking into mails, it has become very important that you should start protecting your documents before sending it.

It will help you to avoid unnecessary harassment incase your mail server is compromised for some reason.

With the help of Appnimi ZIP Password Locker you can easily lock any ZIP file with one click. In this ZIP file you can keep any files or documents you want.

Thus share your files wisely and safely using Appnimi ZIP Password Locker


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How to use Appnimi ZIP Password Locker

One of the best feature of the app is that it is very small. You can keep it anywhere on the screen without taking much space.

How to Install Appnimi ZIP Password Locker

  1. You will need to download the app bundle from the download link
  2. Extract the ZIP file
  3. Copy the .app file to your Applications folder

How to Create a ZIP file

  1. To create a ZIP file you dont need the app.
  2. Select the file or folder which you want to compress to ZIP file in Finder window
  3. Right Click to get the context menu
  4. Select compress in the menu option
  5. Generally it will create a zip file by name of Archive.Some time it will create with the name of the file or folder selected

How to protect a ZIP file

  1. In the app click on the ZIP button
  2. It will show you a file picker popup
  3. Select the ZIP file which you want to protect
  4. Enter the password with which you want to protect in the text box in the centre.
  5. Click on the Lock button.
  6. It might take some time depending on the size of content/file in the zip file.
  7. Your ZIP file will now be protected using the password you have set

NOTE : Make sure you take a backup of the zip file before trying to protect it


Specification of Appnimi ZIP Password Locker

License : Commercial license
Price : $ 0.99
Size : 642 KB

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Release Notes

Version 1.0 – 09-12-2012
New Release



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