Appnimi Auto Screen Capture

Appnimi Auto Screen Capture lets you capture screenshots of your screen at regular intervals of time. It is a very useful utility when you would like to keep a record of whatever you had been doing over the time. It helps in analysing the time spent on a particular task.All these capturing is done automatically.



Features of Appnimi Auto Screen Capture

  • Simple User Interface.
  • You can take screenshots at regular intervals.
  • You can set the time interval.
  • You can set the duration for taking screen shot.
  • You can view the progress continuously at the bottom progress bars.

Screenshots of Appnimi Auto Screen Capture


Initial Screen.



The app while taking screenshots.



The image of the screen generated by the app.




How to use Appnimi Auto Screen Capture

It has a very simple to use GUI.

How to install Appnimi Auto Screen Capture

  1. Goto the Appnimi Auto Screen Capture page on the Mac App Store using the App Store Link in this page.
  2. Install the App by clicking on the Install button.

How to start capturing images

  • Enter or select the path of the folder where the screenshot images are to be saved.
  • Enter the interval at which the images are to be taken.
  • Enter the time span for which the images are to be taken.
  • Click on Start.
  • You will be able to see progress at the bottom using the progress bars.
  • The first progress bar shows the time for next screen capture.
  • The second progress bar shows number of screen capture taken.
  • The captured images are saved in the specified folder.

Specification of Appnimi Auto Screen Capture

License : Commercial license.
Price : $ 1.99
Size : 0.4 MB

Get Appnimi Auto Screen Capture

You can get the on the Apple’s Mac App Store, by clicking on the following link.



Release Notes

Version 1.0 – 12-02-2014

  • First Release.
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